The Grand Design

by The Grand Design

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released June 12, 2012

Engineered by Tim Lynch at The Recording Company
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Mastering
Produced by The Grand Design
All songs written by The Grand Design



all rights reserved


The Grand Design Ballston Spa, New York

5-piece indie pop/rock band out of Ballston Spa, NY. A little bit jazz, a little bit indie. Plenty of rock.

Debut EP "The Grand Design" out June 12, 2012. See the official music video for "The Life Aquatic" at
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Track Name: You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
just as you rejoice they're sounding the alarm
a cry wolf prophecy that's got you up in arms
and you know by now the gavel falls a little farther from the tree
and you've come to find that agony can take its toll silently

few will ever know just how we begin
in a burned down house
a gallery depicting every sin
it's the background noise calamity
the buzzing bees inside your head
counteracting your integrity with every word you've ever said

I’m hanging around like this is the end of time
and I know that this is all you will find

you've got your thrown and crown
you've got your head held high
higher than the sky inside your mind
to wish life away is not a sin
where we begin is where we end

I’ve been hanging around like this is the end of time
and I know that this is all you will find
Track Name: The Life Aquatic
lately I’ve been feeling like I’m living under water
lately no one seems to care that life’s too short for working
for a dying wage and a blank page inside a fading chapter
I think too much, don’t think enough
I’ve had enough

you ought to know this by now
it’s nothing new
there’s nothing left here to say

not everyone finds their way somehow
some people view life upside down
not everyone finds their way somehow
you should’ve figure it out by now

Friday night a drunken fight illuminates the scene
the whole room sleeps around you, you’re wide awake and dreaming
of peace of mind and my own kind to dissipate the screaming
stay in bed or pull the thread unraveling your being

if you won’t lead us home
if you won’t lead
Track Name: The Affliction
at night I realize all of these things that afflict my mind
and I’ve gotta be crazy to believe in you
all of the words we say in vein float around in the air and fall like rain
and I’ve gotta be crazy to believe in you

all the times that you wonder why
every way that we say goodbye
fighting for something that's already up and died

everyday a drunken daze
'get me out of my mind' is the phrase that pays
and I’ve gotta be crazy to believe in you

all the times that you wonder why
it's so hard to say goodbye
some people just aren't cut out for the jet set life
Track Name: The Kansas City Shuffle
you spend your time building these walls
but it seems you’d make a better window
and all the while they’re throwing stones
well I have something that will let you know

if you could see your face
deception isn’t treating you well
the lies you couldn’t take and wouldn’t tell
it’s nothing personal

I spend my time singing this song
can’t even think of your name
you wrap yourself around my finger
even though your better judgment says to go
waiting for the rhythm to agitate your senses
fuel a flame with every note

lose all your confidence
what’s wrong love
did the cat get your tongue
and the thought of chivalry
is so laughably conceived
with every melody

you should see your face
Track Name: A Man For All Seasons
I know the winter has changed, ravaged and come to blame you

lying in the grass
reality at last
has winter come to pass in no time at all
in spring we start anew
the end of me and you
there’s no one left to take you home again

I feel free the sun is gonna save me now
from myself and everyone else